The Inactivir® range of Viral Inactivation Buffers have been developed to be used in sample tubes to inactivate viral pathogens that are present in patient’s or other potentially pathogenic samples. The Inactivir PLUS and Inactivir SDI buffers also inactivate a wide range of pathogens, including gram-positive and negative bacteria. The inactivation of pathogens on sample collection using Inactivir® will facilitate risk assessments that reduce the requirement for Category 2+/3 handling of potentially pathogenic samples, increasing both the safety of workers and the speed and ease of testing. A range of Inactivir® buffers are available that have been optimised for specific use cases.

The following range of buffers are suitable and also available as kits, for the collection of swab samples for a variety of assay purposes.  These kits have all been validated for suitability to collect samples for testing for Covid-19 infection and may be used for a wide range of viruses and other infectious organisms.

Tables 1 summarizes key properties and compatibility of Inactivir® buffers:

(Table 1)

Further information on our Inactivir® Viral Inactivation Buffers can be found on our Inactivir® Product Selection Guide