• Cell Culture Reagents

    Cell Culture Reagents (180)

    Cell culture reagents are used in conjunction with cell culture media. They provide essential nutrients for growth or maintenance during cell culture applications requiring bacteriological control, cell harvesting or other functions.
  • Petaka G3™

    Petaka G3™ (39)

    The Petaka G3™ is a proprietary, single use bioreactor for cell culture that automatically regulates oxygen, CO2 and humidity. The system has been developed for the culture of adherent and suspension cells, and eliminates the need for CO2 & humidity incubation. Ship, grow, pause, cryopreserve or centrifuge cells in a single system reducing the risk of contamination.
  • T-STORE® (Tissue Store) Medium

    T-STORE® (Tissue Store) Medium (14)

    T-STORE® (Tissue Store) is a sterile, chemically defined and optimised media developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for mammalian tissue samples and cells. The product has been designed to maintain the integrity of tissue samples, thereby reducing necrosis and apoptosis. T-STORE® utilises a robust buffering system, allowing its use over a wide temperature range (+2°C to +37°C).…
  • ELAREM™ Prime

    ELAREM™ Prime (3)

    FBS Replacement is 100% animal component free and is the ideal replacement for FBS (Foetal Bovine Serum), offering a cost effective alternative to serum-based cell culture supplements. FBS Replacement is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy human blood donors.
  • Cell Culture Media

    Cell Culture Media (178)

    To ensure reproducible results in cell culture applications, media needs to be pure, contaminant-free, and consistent from lot to lot. Life Science Production provides a full range of high quality reagents and media products for mammalian, plant and insect cell culture applications.