Product Sourcing Including OEM Serum Production

Life Science Production supplies product sourcing, including OEM serum production. When an off-the-shelf solution is not available that fits your project requirements, we can source and process in bulk material for you, from a wide range of geographies to suit individual specifications. This service is available for both OEM and research based projects.

Key Benefits:

    • Aseptic production: All sourced materials are handled in one of two Class 5 cleanrooms (ISO 7 rated laminar flow hoods) validated to ISO 13408-7:2012 guidelines for the aseptic processing of healthcare products that cannot be terminally sterilized.
    • Traceability through regulatory compliance: LSG is ISIA Traceability Certified meaning all products supplied by us come with complete traceability records including Certificates of Origin (COA) as applicable.
    • Quality Assured Manufacture: A comprehensive range of bioanalytical services are available including sterility, ELISA, endotoxin, bacterial and viral screening. In addition, we can also provide species testing. All appropriate Certificates of Analysis (COA) will be made available, based on the test results for each batch of sourced material.

Examples of products which can be sourced:

  • Blood products: bulk quantities of animal derived blood material including plasma, sera, red blood cells or whole blood from a wide variety of species.
  • Serum: bulk quantities of FBS, Normal Human and Human AB serum that fall outside of our catalogue product range. View the products available from our catalogue here >>
  • Chick Embryo Extract (CEE): In addition to a range of catalogue CEE products, LSP can also provide material in an alternative format or volume of your choosing. 

View our catalogue products here >>

Product Sourcing Services can be combined with Product Manufacturing and Processing Services and Contract Manufacture.

Please contact us to discuss your project in detail.