• Human AB Serum

    Human AB Serum (2)

    Human AB Serum is a vital cell culture reagent for some human cell types providing growth factors, vitamins, nutrients as well as trace elements and transport factors, ensuring faster growth rates than mixed blood group serum. Human AB is proven to grow many human cell lines at a faster rate and with a smaller percentage of serum than mixed blood…
  • Human Platelet Lysate

    Human Platelet Lysate (10)

    Human Platelet Lysate (hPL) is a cell culture growth supplements obtained from human platelets. HPL contains abundant growth factors and cytokines necessary for cell growth and proliferation.
  • Human Serum

    Human Serum (28)

    Normal Sera are non-immune serum samples that contain the usual complement of serum proteins, including the various classes of immunoglobulins. Normal serum provides a sufficient quantity of endogenous proteins to saturate and block nonspecific binding sites on fixed samples or assay substrates.