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Life Science Group to Aid in Earlier Lung Cancer Detection

Life Science Group is embarking on a pioneering project in collaboration with four prominent UK companies and a leading UK University. Supported by UK funding, this initiative aims to develop a rapid multiplexed lateral flow test for the early detection of lung cancer.

Jenny Murray, Managing Director of the Life Science Group and Project Lead, highlights the global impact of this technology. She notes, “This technology has the potential to revolutionise diagnostic testing not only in the UK but globally, especially in countries with limited access to diagnostic centres. The team is confident that this device, and others that will follow, will not only save lives but also demonstrate significant savings within the NHS, reshape the diagnostic pathway, and generate employment opportunities in Wales and revenue for the UK as a whole.”

While the test is still in its early development stages, it is designed for ease of use and follows the lateral flow method that became familiar during the COVID-19 pandemic, using urine as the test medium. This collaborative effort, involving Welsh academics, UK commercial partners, and several hospitals in Wales, is actively seeking funding to scale up production in a new facility in South Wales.

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