BSA Standard Grade Lyophilised – EU origin


Standard Grade BSA is the ideal choice for most diagnostic and research applications including Protease-sensitive Immunoassays such as RIA, EIA, Fluorescent and Chemiluminescent assays; as a protein standard, diluent; as a protein, conjugate or enzyme stabilizer; for hybridization; in selected Cell Culture applications.

BSA is obtained by a proprietary Heat-Shock method, designed to prevent the excessive use of denaturing organic solvents. It undergoes a thermal inactivation during 3 hours at 65°C in order to inactivate potential viruses. Lyophilized BSA has been 0.2 µm filtered prior to being freeze-dried.

Bovine plasma used for the manufacture of this product is collected from French healthy cattle declared free from BSE disease in its clinical forms. It is sourced in EU-approved French slaughterhouses.

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BSA-7100070 Product Information

MSDS BSA-7100070 Standard Grade lyophilised (ID 13212)

LSP-DOC-10269 BSA Product Sheet


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