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COVID-19 Testing Learning from Ebola

Current Covid-19 testing of patent samples follows guidelines published by the WHO [1], which have been followed by health organisations in major developed countries such as the National Health Service in the UK and [2] and CDC in the USA [3]. These protocols all transport virus ‘live’ in a cell preservation media that must be
Our Managing Director Jenny Murray writes about the challenges facing the use of FBS in research and manufacturing. A former Chair of the ISIA, she discusses the issues surrounding FBS, in the past, now and in the future. Writing in an article in BioProcess International, she concludes it is the responsibility of the serum industry as a
As part of the going KTP Project with Coventry University, we have been looking at further developing our biopreservation medium ( AQIX® ) . This has lead to the development of CellStore, a new cell storage medium which is the first product in the brand new SafeCell range. News Bulletin #3 outlines how this product
There are many places online where you can find definitions for words used to describe life research products and applications. We made it simple by compiling a comprehensive list or glossary of words used to describe our products, and the applications they may be used in. There is also a really good reference to be
LSG has been awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership funding from Innovate UK, to work in partnership with Coventry University to develop new life science research products that will conform to new legislation, while preventing contamination and allowing for greater reproducibility. Animal-derived sera are routinely used in the majority of cell culture applications. However, these are finite commodities
The Annual Meeting of the Society of Low Temperature Biology (SLTB) took place last week (6th – 7th September) in Prague. It was the first opportunity for us to share some new research showing the use of AQIX RS-I Bio-preservation Medium, a proprietary cell and tissue collection transport medium. AQIX® RS-I is suitable for a range