At LSP, we offer product manufacturing services. This is because off-the-shelf products don’t always give you the best solution for a cell culture project. Therefore, we custom-make media, buffers and other products to give you the solution that’s right for you. Our custom products are manufactured to your specifications. We manufacture in one of our Class 5 ISO 13408-7:2012 rated cleanrooms. Furthermore. one of these cleanrooms is kept for handling non-animal derived material only. In addition, we have storage facilities at ambient, +4°C and -20°C temperatures. Combined with our warehouse space, we are capable of offsite storage and drop shipment of materials as required.

Key Benefits:

    • Custom Design: Firstly, we work with you to create a solution that fits your project. This means we can help no matter the solution. From a standard formulation to a modified or a non-standard formulation, we can customise our services to you.
    • Rapid Delivery: Secondly, our turnaround time is usually within 25 working days. That includes from receipt of your order and includes pH, osmolality and sterility testing.
    • Flexible service options: Thirdly, the final product is completed according to the specifications of each project. Products that are lyophilised or liquid can be dispensed into bulk or pre-defined vessels. Then, products can be capped to predefined specifications. Finally. to complete the service, we provide labelling and QC.
    • Quality Assured Manufacture: Fourthly, at LSP, all of our media is produced according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. This means that every product made by LSP is fully supported by complete documentation for full traceability.
    • No minimum order volumes: Finally, we do not have a minimum order requirement. If you would like accurate pricing, please include formulation details and the potential ordering volume needed when contacting us for a quotation.

Examples of our manufacturing services:

    • Cell culture reagent production: This includes blocking sera, buffers and, cell culture media. As well, our cell culture media includes serum-free or serum-supplemented media.
    • Cell culture media development and optimisation: At LSP, we have qualified scientific expertise in the formulation of solutions and custom-made products. Our products can be used for research and bio-product applications. Our expertise smooths the transfer of processes and successful scale-up.
    • Kit manufacture and assembly: We provide kit manufacture from the initial kit design stage, through to the sourcing of the materials required. This is followed by reagent production and the final packaging and labelling. Additionally, individual components and final products can be tested for QA purposes as needed.
    • Quality assurance services: We have a wide range of bioanalytical services available. Our QA services include sterility, ELISA, endotoxin, bacterial and viral screening. In addition, we can also provide species testing. Also of note, all appropriate Certificates of Analysis (COA) will be made available. They are based on the test results for each batch of made products.

product manufacturing services

We have many other options available. So, if you have a non-standard request for product manufacturing, please contact us. We are available for a confidential discussion about your projects today.

Last but not least, our product manufacturing services can be combined with Processing and Product Sourcing Services.

Life Science Production’s (LSP) processes adhere to EU GMP guidelines.

We commit to quality, integrity and traceability. We are ISO 13485-certified and adhere to GMP standard practices ensure our promise to this commitment is reliable and consistent.


The Benefits of GMP compliance include:

    • Consistency
    • Reliability
    • High Quality 

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