A Sustainable, Scalable, Xeno-Free, Adhering Cell Expansion and Transport System

Life Science Group (LSG) is proud to unveil the Xeno-Free Cell Culture Essentials Kit, a groundbreaking collection designed to elevate cell culture processes with innovation, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. This kit combination includes cutting-edge Xeno-free products for your cell culture needs CellShip™, CellScrew®, and CellSplit® – each engineered to redefine your cell culture techniques and outcomes.

This Package Includes our Fundamental Xeno-Free Products for Cell Culture:

CellShip® a fully defined, xeno-free cell transportation medium. It’s our new alternative to cryopreservation.

  • Xeno-free solution: Safe, defined medium for cells
  • Cost-effective alternative to cryopreservation
  • Secure, ambient temperature storage and transport
  • Minimises manipulation and contamination risks
CellSplit® is a completely xeno-free, plant-derived, direct replacement to porcine or bovine-derived trypsin.

  • Xeno-free alternative to porcine or bovine trypsin
  • Revolutionises cell harvesting
  • Maintains traditional protocol for seamless transition
  • UK CA and CE marked for high-quality performance
CellScrew® simplifies the cell culturing process by removing the need for washing and pelleting cells.

  • Ingenious single-use device for large area seeding
  • Plant-based PLA via innovative manufacturing
  • Simplifies growth of HEK-293 and MSCs
  • 90% fewer CO₂ emissions compared to conventional dishes
  • Reduced costs, faster scalability


To find out more and discuss your specific needs please contact sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk, call +44 (0) 1234 889180 or complete the enquiry form.

Xeno-Free Cell Culture Essentials Kit

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