Who is the ISIA and why is it important?

The ISIA (International Serum Industry Association, www.serumindustry.org) has established industry standards and a certification program with the aim of helping sera users substantiate the integrity of supply of FBS and other animal sera. Major companies that collect and sell FBS globally (including LSP) are members of the ISIA.

The ISIA’s mission is to ‘establish, promote and assure compliance with uncompromised standards of excellence and ethics in the business practices of the global animal serum and animal derived products supply industry.’ Their primary focus is on ‘safety and safe use of serum and animal derived products through proper origin traceability, truth in labelling and appropriate standardization and oversight.’

As a user of sera, you can be sure that the FBS you receive from LSP is from the origin specified on the product label. Unless otherwise stated in the COA and product label, the FBS has also not been mixed with any other material.

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