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Stabilizes the transient receptor potential cation channel 1 (TRPA1) in an active state.

WaTx, also known as wasabi receptor toxin, is the active component of the venom of the Australian black rock scorpion Urodacus manicatus. WaTx targets the mechanical and chemical stress sensor transient receptor potential cation channel 1 (TRPA1), which it stabilizes in an active state characterized by prolonged channel openings and low Ca2+ permeability. WaTx elicits acute pain and pain hypersensitivity, but fails to trigger efferent release of neuropeptides and neurogenic inflammation typically produced by other toxins. WaTx is a unique pharmacological probe for dissecting TRPA1 function and its contribution to acute and persistent pain.

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Additional information

Other Names

Wasabi receptor toxin

Three Letter Sequence

H-Ala-Ser-Pro-Gln-Gln-Ala-Lys-Tyr-Cys-Tyr-Glu-Gln-Cys-Asn-Val-Asn-Lys-Val-Pro-Phe-Asp-Gln-Cys-Tyr-Gln-Met-Cys-Ser-Pro-Leu-Glu-Arg-Ser-OH (disulphide bridge between C9 and C27 and C13 and C23)

Molecular Weight


Molecular Formula





Soluble in DMSO as stock.


Freeze dried solid


Storage desiccated, frozen and in the dark


>95% by HPLC


Disulphide bridges between cysteine 9 and cysteine 27 and cysteine 13 and cysteine 23

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