T-Store® Tissue Storage and Transportation Medium


T-STORE ® (Tissue Store) is an innovative, sterile, chemically defined and optimised media. It has been developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for mammalian tissue samples. The product has been designed to maintain the integrity of tissue samples, thereby reducing necrosis and apoptosis.

  • Available in a variety of standard bottle sizes, from 1 litre to 30mL
  • Product fully customisable into whatever collection containers are required
  • Available with or without insulin
  • Available with or without antibiotic

Custom additives according to your specifications are available on request.

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Additional information

Storage Temperature

+ 2-8°C

Shipping Temperature

Ambient Temperature

Shelf Life

18 Months or 1 Months with Antibiotics

with Antibiotic

No, Yes


No, Yes

Hermetic seal

No, Yes


1 L, 250 mL, 30 mL, 50 mL, 125 mL, 500 mL