T-STORE ® (Tissue Store) is an innovative, sterile, chemically defined and optimised media. It has been developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for mammalian tissue samples and cells. The product has been
designed to maintain the integrity of tissue samples, thereby reducing necrosis and apoptosis.

This innovative product utilises a robust buffering system, allowing its use over a wide temperature range (+2°C to +37°C). In addition, it has been designed to be isosmotic, isotonic and isoionic with human serum and interstitial fluid, creating a homeostatic environment suitable for maintaining isolated tissues and cells for hours or days, as required.

A few of the applications of this product include the storage and transport of tissue samples prior to analysis. Not only that but the storage of cells following dissociation/isolation or enrichment prior to further analysis

T-STORE® mimics the basic composition of interstitial fluid, This means that the acid-base (pH) balance of
tissues is maintained during storage and transportation. That then allows tissues to be used successfully for up to
72 hours following removal. Storage in T-STORE® allows tissue samples to retain genetic and histological
profiles for up to 72 hours.

T-Store is now produced as a UKCA/CE marked product. 

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