Petaka G3™

The Petaka G3™is a proprietary, single use bioreactor for cell culture that automatically regulates oxygen, CO2 and humidity. The system has been developed for the culture of adherent and suspension cells, and eliminates the need for CO2 & humidity incubation. Ship, grow, pause, cryopreserve or centrifuge cells in a single system reducing the risk of contamination.


    • Closed system cell culture: Simple, sterile and without the need for expensive equipment. No caps, leaks, spills or dehydration.
    • Greater capacity: The internal cell culture chamber has 150 cm2 surface area for cell attachment, with 24 mL volume. This facilitates high density cell growth permitting the optimal use of media and special additives, such as growth factors.
    • Universal size: Made from Polystyrene and with the same footprint as a standard microtitre plate, stackable on the bench or incubator.
    • Availability: the system is available in 4 formats. LOT, (TC treated for adherent cells), FLAT (suspension cells), HOT (for high oxygen demanding cell types) and DO SENSE (oxygen sensor) variations.

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