AQIX® Biopreservation Medium

AQIX® is a sterile, chemically defined, optimised media developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for both tissues and cells. AQIX® is serum and animal/human protein free. The media is isosmotic, isotonic and isoioinic with human serum and interstitial fluid. This media is simple to use and samples may be stored and shipped at a variety of temperatures (eg: 2°C to 37°C). AQIX® creates an homeostatic environment ideal for maintaining tissues and isolated human cells, including Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) over hours or days, as required.

AQIX® utilises a novel, acid-base (pH) buffering system designed to mimic the natural, α-stat pH mechanism of the imidazole groups in haemoglobin operating in mammals and humans. This provides an ideal fluid composition to retain the acid-base balance and integrity of human cells and tissues, thereby avoiding the issues of necrosis and apoptosis in cell and tissue samples post collection.