What does it mean when hPL is labelled as Research Grade, GMP or GMP Clinical Grade?

Research Grade material is manufactured to meet the needs of basic research and development. This material supports the in vitro propagation and maintenance of various human cell types. In addition, it provides a cost effective alternative to using serum-free media. Material is supplied in validated PETG NALEGENE bottles (25 mL, 100 mL and 500 mL).

GMP Grade material is manufactured under GMP-controlled conditions for use in GMP compliant cell culture SOPs. This material is provided in cryo-bags (100 mL) or in validated PETG NALEGENE bottles (100 mL and 500 mL).

GMP Climical Grade material is manufactured and gamma irradiated under GMP conditions to comply with the high safety guidelines for clinical applications. Due to pathogen-reduction, GMP Clinical Grade hPL provides a high safety level for expansion of different human cell types (particularly adult stem cells, e.g. MSCs) for clinical and therapeutic applications.

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