What level of quality assurance can I expect from LSP for FBS products?

The quality of FBS is inherently linked to the collection and processing methods used and not the country of origin. A closed-system collection method (cardiac or venepuncture) and rapid processing are essential to produce a quality product. Low levels of endotoxin and haemoglobin are excellent indicators of the care with which collection and processing have been carried out. LSP FBS typically has endotoxin levels of below 10 EU/mL with some batches having endotoxin levels of below 1 EU/mL.

  • Every batch of FBS is rigorously controlled throughout the process, from collection to treatment and finally packaging. This ensures complete traceability right back to the source. LSG is an ISIA Traceability certified company.
  • All our serum is collected and treated in accordance with current European regulations.
  • Each batch is triple filtered to 0.1 micron prior to Quality Assurance Testing to ensure that the product is negative for bacteria, yeast, fungi and mycoplasma. In addition, biological performance of final batches of sera is assessed for cell growth, plating efficiency and cloning efficiency.
  • Full batch documentation is available, including Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Origin.

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