Isoprostane (8-iso-PGF2a) Serum, Tissue ELISA Kit, BioAssay

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Isoprostanes are prostaglandin-like compounds that are produced by free radical mediated peroxidation of lipoproteins. This kit is for the quantification of a representative isoprostane, 15-isoprostane F2t (also known as 8-epi-PGF2 or 8-iso-PGF2) Levels of 15-isoprostane F2t in biological fluids have been shown to be useful for assessment of oxidant stress in vivo. 15- isoprostane F2t has also been shown to be a potent vasoconstrictor in rat kidneys and rabbit lungs, and plays a causative role in atherogenesis. Elevated isoprostane levels are associated with hepatorenal syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, and

This Isoprostane (8-iso-PGF2a) Serum, Tissue ELISA Kit, BioAssay? can be used for the quantification of free 15-isoprostane F2t in urine, plasma, serum or tissue samples following solid phase extraction of the isoprostane-containing fraction. Instructions are also provided for the quantification of total 15-isoprostane F2t following hydrolysis of phospholipids.

Test Principle:
This kit is a competitive ELISA for determining levels of 15-isoprostane F2t in biological samples. Briefly, 15-isoprostane F2t in the samples or standards competes with 15-isoprostane F2t conjugated to HRP (HRP) for binding to a polyclonal antibody specific for 15-isoprostane F2t coated on the microplate. The HRP activity results in color development when substrate is added, with the intensity of the color proportional to the amount of 15-isoprostane F2t bound and inversely proportional to the amount of unconjugated 15-isoprostane F2t the samples or standards.

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Dynamic Range


Performance Characteristics

Crossreactivity at 50% B/B0:
15-isoprostane F2t 100.0%
9a,11b-Prostaglandin F2a 4.1%
13,14-Dihydro-15-KETO-F2a 3.0%
9b,11a-Prostaglandin F2a <0.01%
Prostaglandin F2a <0.01%
6-KETO-Prostaglandin F2a <0.01%
Prostaglandin E2 <0.01%
Prostaglandin D2 <0.01%
Arachidonic Acid <0.01%

Kit Components

I9050A: Microtiter Plate 1x96wells
I9050B: 15-isoprostane F2t Standard 2x60ul
I9050C: Wash Buffer (5X) 1x40ml
I9050D: Dilution Buffer (5X) 1x100ml
I9050E: Substrate 1x25ml
I9050F: 15-isoprostane F2t (HRP)1x100ul

Storage and Stability

Store components at 4°C. Stable for 6 months after receipt. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap.

Shipping Temperature

On Dry Ice

Shelf Life

6 Months