Interleukin 1 alpha, Human, BioAssay ELISA Kit (IL-1a, Hematopoietin-1, Lymphocyte-activating Factor, LAF, Endogenous Pyrogen, Leukocyte Endogenous Mediator, LEM, Mononuclear Cell Factor, MCF)

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This Human Interleukin-1a ELISA Kit is to be used for the in vitro quantitative determination of human interleukin-1a (IL-1a) concentrations in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, and other biological fluids

IL-1alpha is a non-secreted proinflammatory cytokine produced in a variety of cells including monocytes, tissue macrophages, keratinocytes and other epithelial cells. Both IL-1alpha and IL-1beta binds to the same receptor and has similar if not identical biological properties. These cytokines have a broad range of activities including, stimulation of thymocyte proliferation, by inducing IL-2 release, B-cell maturation and proliferation, mitogenic FGF-like activity and the ability to stimulate the release of prostaglandin and collagenase from synovial cells. However, whereas IL-1beta is a secreted cytokine, IL-1alpha is predominantly a cell-associated cytokine.

This assay employs the quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique. A monoclonal antibody specific for IL-1a has been pre-coated onto a microplate. Standards and samples are pipetted into the wells and any IL-1a present is bound by the immobilized antibody. After washing away any unbound substances, an enzyme-linked polyclonal antibody-enzyme specific for IL-1a is added to the wells. Following a wash to remove any unbound antibody-enzyme reagent, a substrate solution is added to the wells and color develops in proportion to the amount of IL-1a bound in the initial step. The color development is stopped and the intensity of the color is measured.

In order to measure the concentration of IL-1a in the samples, this kit includes two calibration diluents (Calibrator Diluent I for serum/plasma testing and Calibrator Diluent II for cell culture supernatant testing.) According to the testing system, the provided standard is diluted (2-fold) with the appropriate Calibrator Diluent and assayed at the same time as the samples. This allows the operator to produce a standard curve of Optical Density (O.D) versus IL-1a concentration (pg/ml). The concentration of IL-1a in the samples is then determined by comparing the O.D. of the samples to the standard curve.

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Calibrator Diluent I: 5.0pg/ml
Calibrator Diluent II: 4.6pg/ml



Kit Components

I7663-02B1:Microtiter Plate 1×96 wells
I7663-02B2: IL-1a (Biotin) Mab 1x11ml
I7663-02B3: Avidin (HRP) 1x14ml
*I7663-02B4: IL-1a Standard 2×1 vial
I7663-02B5: Calibrator Diluent I 1x22ml
I7663-02B6: Calibrator Diluent II 1x22ml .
I7663-02B7: Wash Buffer (20X) 1x60ml
I7663-02B8:. Substrate A 1x10ml
I7663-02B9: Substrate B 10ml
I7663-02B10: Stop Solution 1x14ml

Storage and Stability

Store at 4°C. Store I7663-02B4: IL-1a Standard powder at 4?C, liquid at -20°C. Stable for 6 months. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial prior to removing the cap.

Shipping Temperature

On Dry Ice

Source Antigen



For the Quantitative Determination of Human Interleukin 1a
(IL-1a) Concentrations in Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Supernatant, and Other Biological Fluids.

Shelf Life

6 Months