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Life Science Group LTD

Life Science Production is a division of Life Science Group Ltd

Life Science Group Ltd (LSG) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of life science research solutions.  An outstanding, independent UK company offering quality products and first-class customer service to leading pharma, biotech, contract research organisations and universities worldwide.

We offer our technical expertise and experience to provide traceable, customisable solutions through the three divisions of LSG: Life Science Production, Antibody Production Services and Diagnostic Kit Services, All requirements are backed by our ISO 13485 and ISIA Traceability accreditation.

The Management Team has over 30 years' experience in the production of sterile sera, media and antibodies for the research, manufacturing and in vitro diagnostic industries.

Our Managing Director, Jennifer Murray, is currently Chairman of the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA). The ISIA was formed in June 2006 with a specific focus on the Serum Industry. Since that time the scope of the Association has broadened to include all animal derived products for use in the multibillion dollar life science and biomedical sectors.

Your partner for customised bio-manufacturing

Life Science Production (LSP) and Antibody Production (APS) offer quality custom biological and in vitro products and services to Pharma, Biotech, CRO and Universities worldwide.

Contract services meet the growing demand of outsourcing production, so you can focus on core research activities.

First class customer service

LSG prides itself on delivering excellent customer care. We recognise the importance of regular communication with our clients throughout each and every project.


With over 30 years’ technical expertise in antibody production and cell culture industries, you can have confidence your project is in safe hands.

Single-use technology

Our Class 5 ISO 13408-7:2012 cleanrooms are suitable for the aseptic processing of healthcare products.  Processing of human and animal materials are in dedicated clean rooms using fully disposable, single-use systems enabling us to provide for the specialised needs of bio-manufacturing.

Fully adaptable service

Fully adaptable service integration and provision: Whether you have existing protocols, or require tailored support for your project, we provide a fully managed service. Clients are encouraged to visit our facilities and we welcome the opportunity to discuss projects in detail. LSG are very happy to accept client-led audits.

Life Science Production

Life Science Production (LSP) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality custom biological and in vitro products but also offers contract manufacturing services for life science research applications worldwide.

We provide a first-class service, delivered by knowledgeable, approachable and flexible technical and manufacturing teams, offering full traceability on all products and strong company ethics, ensuring that all clients can be totally confident that their project is in safe hands.

Some of our quality cell culture products include:

  • Foetal Bovine Serum
  • Human AB Serum
  • Cell Culture Media and Reagents

All products are manufactured to defined specification, for a full list of all products please click here.

Antibody Production Services

Antibody Production Services (APS) is one of the UK’s leading providers to pharma and bioscience companies and contract research organisations for flexible and professional contract development of quality antibodies, both monoclonal and polyclonal.

We also provide a wide range of associated services including bulk production, purification, conjugation and optimisation of antibodies, all backed by the Life Science Group commitment to
ensure all ethical requirements are met.

Some of our custom and off-the-shelf antibodies include:

  • Custom polyclonal antibodies
  • Custom monoclonal antibodies
  • One of the widest choices of animals for polyclonal antibody production in the UK

All procedures are performed in secure UK facilities by qualified licenses under veterinary supervision meeting all current UK stringent ethical standards.

For further information, please visit or call our Customer Services team on +44 (0) 1234 889180.

Diagnostic Kit Services

Diagnostic Kit Services (DKS) provides fully customisable and traceable solutions from concept to delivery for a range of human and veterinary use. Fully branded and backed by the Life Science Group commitment to ensure all requirements are met in full.

A one-stop, flexible manufacturing solution that supplies the fully customized kit you really want, when you want it, however small or large the order.

An all-in-one solution, from concept to delivery that maintains product quality, traceability and integrity.

  • Test kit manufacturing
  • Cleanroom operations
  • Customisable medical device packaging
  • Diagnostic kit documentation and shipping services

For further information please visit or call our Customer Services team on +44 (0) 1234 889180.