What should I do if I get precipitation in my serum?

When serum is thawed, some precipitation may be seen. This is a normal phenome-non and it does not compromise the quality of serum in any way. To remove the precipitate, transfer the serum to sterile tubes and centrifuge for 5 mins at 400g.

To limit the amount of precipitation, we recommend that the serum is thawed in a refrigerator at 2-8°C.

The serum should be regularly mixed during this process.

In the unusual event of serum arriving partially thawed, please note that it is inadvisable to refreeze from this state as partially thawed serum must be allowed to thaw completely at 4°C.

When the serum has thawed completely, gently invert the container several times to achieve thorough mixing and refreeze as soon as possible to -20°C. To avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles dispense the serum into single use aliquots before freezing.

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