The development of 3D printing has been driven by its increased accessibility and affordability. This has led to a surge in innovative and creative applications for 3D printing.

Here are just a few ways we have incorporated 3D printing to improve the products and services we offer you:

Creating and manufacturing custom-sized racks for a variety of tube sizes in bulk quantities.

This complex objective would be very time-consuming and expensive to create without using a 3D printer and in-house expertise. Now, we can expand the scope of what we offer, much quicker and more cost-effectively.

Replacement parts for machinery that normally would cost hundreds of pounds.

3D printing has enabled us to design and print replacement parts for centrifuges, spacers, clips, and other small items that can break or go missing. This has improved our production efficiency by reducing downtime and increasing our ability to repair equipment quickly and easily.

Practical solutions

Being able to create elements for our business such as card holders and desk storage can now be made in-house using eco-friendly materials. This also means less contribution to our carbon footprint, avoiding additional deliveries and shipments.

Not only does 3D printing expand our business practices, but also allows us to be more environmentally conscious. The possibilities are endless, how would a 3D printer help in your business? Let us know if the comments!