Hepatitis E Virus, IgG (HEV), ELISA Kit, BioAssay

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Principle of the Test:
This kit uses indirect ELISA method to detect anti-HEV antibodies IgG in serum or plasma. The purified activated recombinant HEV antigen (ORF2, ORF3) is coated on the multi-wells plate. The HRP conjugated mouse anti-human IgG (r chain) monoclonal antibody serves as tracer. TMB is substrate for HRP. The enzyme reaction with substrate TMB produces a color change, and the intensity of the absorbance at 450nm indicates the presence or absence of Anti-HEV antibodies IgG in the sample. The test is specific, sensitive, reproducible and easy to operate. It is for blood screen of HEV infection.

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Additional information

Intended Use

Hepatitis E Virus, IgG (HEV), ELISA Kit, BioAssay is an in vitro enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Anti-HEV antibodies IgG in human serum or plasma. It is for diagnosis of early infection and epidemic survey.

Kit Components

H1927-01W1: Antigen Coated Microtiter Strips, 96 wells
H1927-01W2: Sample Diluent, 12ml
H1927-01W3: Negative Control Serum, 1ml
H1927-01W4: Positive Control Serum, 1ml
H1927-01W5: Concentrated Wash Buffer (20X), 50ml
H1927-01W6: Enzyme Conjugant, 12ml
H1927-01W7: Substrate A, 6ml
H1927-01W8: Substrate B, 6ml
H1927-01W9: Stop Solution,
H2SO4, 6ml

Also Included: Plastic Bag, Seal Paper, Kit Manual

Storage and Stability

Store the kit at 4°C. Stable for 6 months after receipt.

Shipping Temperature

On Dry Ice

Shelf Life

6 Months