What does the ‘Country of Origin’ refer to?

The country of origin for FBS refers to country in which the raw blood was collected.

Major FBS producing countries are Australia, Canada, Central America, New Zealand, South America and the U.S.A. While some countries may be considered more desirable sources of FBS than others, it is not true that FBS is of better quality from any given country. Desirability is linked to the disease status for each country (as described by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)) relevant to the application to which the serum is to be used. In addition, supply and demand plays a role making some sources of FBS more expensive than others. This is especially the case for New Zealand and Australia whose island nations have left the countries largely untouched by bovine diseases.

The OIE monitors the global incidence of animal disease including BSE and publishes this information on a regular basis. Regulatory authorities and processors use it as one of the critical determinants in deciding which countries may be used as a source of serum for certain applications with those sera acceptable for industrial use such as vaccine manufacture usually demanding the highest price in the market.

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