Collagen (Mouse) Type II, Mouse Antibody (IgG) BioAssay ELISA Kit

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This ELISA kit is designed to assay type II collagen antibodies in mouse sera. The microtiter strips provided in the kit have been coated with mouse type II collagen. To reduce non-specific binding, we have incorporated unique blocking agents which inhibit the hydrophobic binding of immunoreactive serum components in sample specimens onto plastic surfaces and thus reduce the background levels.

Collagen is an inert, rigid protein found predominantly in skin, ligaments, bones and teeth. Its most distinctive attribute, essential to a transmitter of mechanical force, is inelasticity. Its fundamental structural unit is tropo-collagen, a molecular rod about 2600? in length and 15? in diameter and 300,000 molecular weight. In tendons these macromolecules, grouped as collagen fibrils, run parallel to the axis. In skin the fibrils are interlaced and branched.

Heterologous type II collagen is widely used for inducing arthritis in susceptible animals. The serum antibodies in collagen-induced arthritic (CIA) mice are highly specific to the type II collagen used for immunization, however there is significant crossreactivity with other species of type II collagen including mouse type II collagen.

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Additional information

Kit Components

C7510-33C1: Microtiter Strips 10×8 wells
C7510-33C2: Reference Microtiter Strips 4×8 wells
C7510-33C3. Standard Antibody 1x 20u Dissolve in 1.25ml C7510-33C6: Sample/Standard Buffer to 16units/ml
C7510-33C4: Pab (HRP) 2×1 vial Dissolve one vial in 10ml of C7510-33C7 Secondary Antibody Buffer
C7510-33C5: Blocking Buffer 1x12ml
C7510-33C6: Sample/Standard Buffer 1x50ml Use for diluting standards and sample specimens.
C7510-33C7: HRP Buffer 1x20ml Use for diluting C7510-33C4: Pab (HRP)
C7510-33C8: OPD 2×1 vial Dissolve one tablet in 20ml of C7510-33C9: OPD Buffer
C7510-33C9: OPD Buffer 1x20ml Use in reconstituting OPD.
C7510-33C10: Wash Buffer, 20X 1x50ml Dilute in 1L ddH2O.
C7510-33C11: Stop Solution 1x10ml 2N Sulfuric acid

Storage and Stability

Store components at -20°C. Stable for 6 months after receipt. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap.

Shipping Temperature

On Dry Ice

Shelf Life

6 Months