A sustainable, scalable, and xeno-free adherent cell expansion and transport system

CellScrew™ by Green Elephant is an innovative, single-use device, manufactured from plant-based PLA, for effortless seeding of adherent cells on a large surface area.

CellScrew® is a novel single-use cell culture device, which can simply be used in any bottle or tube roller. The CellScrew®s surface is suitable for the cultivation of demanding adherent cell lines e.g. HEK-293 or MSCs. CellScrew® is manufactured in an additive manufacturing process and is made from plant-derived PLA. Using this renewable polymer reduces its carbon footprint ~90 % when compared to standard single-use cell culture dishes, especially multi-stack systems.

Benefits of CellScrew™:

Reduced manufacturing costs: The large growth area, intensified processes and ease of handling reduce labor costs and required manufacturing space.

Reduced time to market: As the CellScrew® can be applied from lab scale to manufacturing scale, no additional process development is necessary to scale-up.

Reduced environmental impact: Your CO₂ emission is reduced by more than 90% using the CellScrew®, compared to conventional multilayer flasks.

If you would like further information, please call us on 01234 889180 or email sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk. We are more than happy to explain all the reasons why this new product is perfect for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CellScrew® is launched in two different sizes. The CellScrew® 10k offers 10,000 cm² of growth surface area and is supposed to be used with 1000 mL of cell culture medium. The CellScrew® 6k offers 6,000 cm² of growth surface area and is supposed to be used with 600 mL of cell culture medium. Individual sizes are available on request, please contact us via sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk for more information.

Yes! The CellScrew® is made from polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived by the polymerization of plant based lactic acid. With our additive manufacturing process, we can produce the same growth surface area with up to 90 % less material compared to injection moulded culture systems. To completely cover the extent the carbon footprint of the CellScrew®, we currently work on a life cycle analysis.

We offer product development. Different challenges necessitate different approaches, and we are happy to help you find renewable solutions for the future. Please contact us via sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk for more information.

We characterized the system in regards of mixing time and oxygen transfer coefficient. Please contact us via sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk to receive our application note.

The CellScrew® is handled just as a regular roller bottle. For a clear understanding you find an instructional video provided on the Green Elephant Biotech homepage.

The CellScrew® was tested with multiple different cell lines. From mouse fibroblasts (L-929) over human kidney cells (HEK-293) to stem cells (human mesenchymal stromal cells). Adhesion rates, growth rates and final cell densities comparable to or better than those known for standard polystyrene were observed.


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