The ideal alternative to foetal bovine serum (FBS)

Cell Growth Promoter (CGP) has been developed by New Life Biologics LLC in the US. It is manufactured using components extracted and enhanced from adult bovine plasma in unique manufacturing processes. Cell Growth Promoter (CGP) is an ideal alternative to foetal bovine serum (FBS) with equal or improved performance.

CGP is intended for use in any application where FBS is currently being used and in new processes where FBS may be a candidate for use. CGP is available from LSG in both liquid and powder form. The product can be utilised as liquid in the same way as FBS or then added to media/reagents in a powdered form and reconstituted with the complete formulation.

The product is available as a dry or crystalline non-sterile white powder for reconstitution or as a liquid solution that has been aseptically processed and tested for sterility and cell growth. Full information is supplied on the certificate of analysis.



• Equivalent cell growth properties to standard FBS

• Significantly lower cost than FBS

• Stable pricing

• Available also as a powder form so no requirement for dry ice in shipping

• Liquid format can be used in an identical way to FBS

• Reduced batch-to-batch variability

• Viral and microbial inactivation processes incorporated in manufacturing.

• Readily integrated into media.

• Reduced environmental footprint with reduced packaging and waste.

• PCR BVD not detected.

• Cell growth performance demonstrated to be equivalent in all studies completed to date.

If you would like further information, please call us on 01234 889180 or email sales@lifesciencegroup.co.uk. We are more than happy to explain all the reasons why our new product is perfect for your next project.