C3, Mouse, BioAssay ELISA Kit (Complement C3, HSE-MSF)

£1,160.00 96 Tests

Intended Use:
The Mouse C3 ELISA Kit is an in vitro immunoassay for the quantification of C3 circulating in serum or in other appropriately qualified samples from tissue fluids (e.g., saliva, mucosa), or in cultures of mouse cells.

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Additional information

Kit Components

C7850-12T1: Microwell Plate, 1x96wells
C7850-12T2: Control (49-91ng/nl), 1x650ul
C7850-12T3: Standard (12.5ng/ml), 1x650ul
C7850-12T4: Standard (25ng/ml), 1x650ul
C7850-12T5: Standard (50ng/ml), 1x650ul
C7850-12T6: Standard (100ng/ml), 1x650ul
C7850-12T7: Standard (200ng/ml), 1x650ul
C7850-12T8: HRP Conjugate (100X), 1x150ul
C7850-12T9: Sample Diluent (20X), 1x10ml
C7850-12T10: Wash Solution (100X), 1x10ml
C7850-12T11: TMB Substrate, 1x12ml
C7850-12T12: Stop Solution, 1x12ml

Storage and Stability

Store all components at 4°C. Stable for 6 months. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial prior to removing the cap.

Source Antigen


Shelf Life

6 Months

Shipping Temperature

On Dry Ice