BSA Fatty Acid Free – lyophilised – EU origin


Fatty Acid-Free BSA is used where the presence of lipids and fatty acids may cause problems, such as hormone and cholesterol assays. Fatty acid free albumin also provides maximum binding sites for the addition of specific fatty acids for cell culture applications. Additional applications include Protease-sensitive Immunoassays such as RIA, EIA, Fluorescent and Chemiluminescent assays; as a protein standard, diluent; as a protein, conjugate or enzyme stabilizer; for Hybridization, nucleic acid-based assays; in fatty acid sensitive cell culture systems such as CHO, Vero and MDCK cells.

BSA is obtained by a proprietary Heat-Shock method, designed to prevent the excessive use of denaturing organic solvents. It undergoes a thermal inactivation during 3 hours at 65 °C in order to inactivate potential viruses. Lyophilized BSA has been 0.2 μm filtered prior to being freeze-dried.

Bovine plasma used for the manufacture of this product is collected from French healthy cattle declared free from BSE disease in its clinical forms. It is sourced in EU-approved French slaughterhouses.

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MSDS BSA-7103570 Fatty Acid Free Lyophilised (ID 13222)

LSP-DOC-10269 BSA Product Sheet


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