Of all the different types of animal serum available, Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is the most widely used basal media supplement for in vitro cell culture. FBS contains very low level of antibodies, which combined with a higher concentration of growth factors (compared with adult or newborn bovine sera). This means that FBS is effective in promoting and sustaining the growth of both mammalian and insect cells.

LSP can provide FBS from a variety of geographies to suit both budgetary and research requirements – including South America, USA, New Zealand, Australia, EU and USDA approved origins.

  • EU Grade Origin: Brazil

    EU Grade Origin: Brazil (5)

    Brazilian FBS offers a cost-effective, high quality serum suitable for a wide variety of cell culture requirements.
  • USDA Tested: Central America Origin

    USDA Tested: Central America Origin (3)

    This material is sourced from a specific country (Central America) and approved for import into the United States by the USDA. 'USDA Tested serum' is collected and processed in facilities registered and inspected by the competent veterinary authority in the country of origin. In many instances the material cannot be distributed within the USA without successfully passing safety testing in…