What are the alternatives to using FBS?

Additional sources of serum are available and are generally more cost effective options. These could also be described as FBS alternatives and can be used where budget restrictions dictate the use of cheaper material, or where applications permit the use of serum where levels of antibody and endotoxin will be higher. Alternatives include:

  • Newborn calf serum – Useful for the culture of most mammalian cell lines
  • Calf serum – Useful for fermentation process, as a stabiliser and control
  • Adult bovine serum – Traditionally this is used as an additive to cell culture media and as a control
  • Donor bovine serum – Used for the same purposes as Calf serum but will show lower levels of endotoxin. These donor herds are also carefully monitored as to diet to ensure that the resulting serum product is of the highest quality.
  • Serum-free media formulations

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