Life Science Production

Quality Cell Culture products and contract services to the Life Science industry



Life Science Production can offer a range of services for customers within Contract Research Organisations (CRO), IVD, Pharmaceutical Veterinary and Cosmetic industries.

These services include:

Antibody Services

Our Antibody Production Services Division  offers a wide variety of services including Antibody Generation; Bulk Antibody Production; Peptide synthesis and antibody purification. 


Life Science Production offers a range of bespoke preclinal services for safety testing and predicting potential allergic or hypersensitivity reactions to compounds such as drugs, cosmetics and chemicals.  These services also assess responses to stem cells and are based on a non-animal model  Skimune™ .  These assays determine is compounds are likely to cause adverse events in humans, events often not identified when tested in pre-clinical animal models.

Skimune™ is the only commercially available assay using non-artificial human skin that accurately measures the potential immunogenicity of large and small molecule therapeutics, cosmetics and chemicals.   A unique 3D skin model (Skimune 3D) has also been developed for testing genotoxicity and toxicity profiles.  Screening assays, including IFNγ and T cell proliferation assays, are used together with Skimune™ to predict adverse immune reactions, correlating with a sensitivity and specificity of 95% to the LLNA assays. These assays can also identify human responses not normally detected in animal models and assess efficacy of novel immunomodulatory compounds.