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Life Science Production  offers a wide range of cell culture sera, reagents and associated products for immediate delivery.

Foetal (Fetal) bovine serum FBS

FBS is available from a wide variety of geographies, dependent upon individual requirements:

Code                    Description

S-001-BR             Foetal Bovine serum – Brazilian origin

S-001-US             Foetal Bovine serum – US origin

S-001-AU             Foetal Bovine serum – Australian origin

S-001-USDA        Foetal Bovine serum – USDA origin

All Foetal Bovine serum is triple filtered to 0.1 micron and is available heat inactivated, gamma irradiated and dialysed, if required.  All batches are tested for the ability to support a range of cells in culture.  Full QA certification is supplied with each batch.  Standard packaging is 100ml and 500ml PET bottles.  Alternative custom packaging is available as required.

Batch samples are available for evaluation.  To receive samples please contact or call +44 (0) 1234 889180

FBS Product Information
LSP-DOC-10272 FBS Product Sheet.pdf (209.92KB)
FBS Product Information
LSP-DOC-10272 FBS Product Sheet.pdf


Serum FAQs
LSP-DOC-(ID 9666) FBS FAQs.pdf (203.11KB)
Serum FAQs
LSP-DOC-(ID 9666) FBS FAQs.pdf