Life Science Production

Quality Cell Culture products and contract services to the Life Science industry


Contract Manufacture 

Life Science Production is a manufacturer and distributor of cell culture reagents making us an ideal partner of contract manufacturing and OEM services to the in vitro diagnostic industry.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities include:

Custom Services

  • Media
  • Buffers
  • Bulk Reagents
  • Aliquoting/Final packaging
  • Lyophilisation

Batch sizes range from 1-1000 litres.  At Life Science Production we manufacture using fully disposable, single-use systems.  Life Science Production currently operates two Class 5 ISO 13408-7:2012 cleanrooms, one of which is retained specifically for non-animal derived material.


Cell Culture Custom Services

  • Maintenance of Cell lines
  • Adaptation of Cell lines to serum-free conditions
  • Passaging of cell lines
  • Large scale production of cell,lines and antibody harvest
  • Cell banking

Custom Antibody Production

Please visit our Antibody Production Services Division

Custom/OEM Serum production

Foetal (Fetal) Bovine Serum

Newborn Calf Serum

Adult Bovine Serum

Chicken Serum

Goat Serum

Rabbit Serum

Normal Human Serum

Human AB serum (male only)

Chick embryo extract (CEE)


We have experience in the sourcing and manufacture of biological material enabling us to source material from a wide range of geographies to suit individual requirements.

Contact us to discuss your individual contract manufacturing requirements with a member of our team.



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